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Mr. Michael Suplaag - Young Leader from Phillipines makes it to FINAL 30 of Your Big Year 2013 Competition!

Mr. Michael Suplaag - A Young Leader from Phillipines makes it to the Final 30 of Your Big Year 2013 Competition. Inspiration Unlimited Team from India learns from him about what drives him to be so dynamic and how does it feel to come this far. We wish to share his message with all the youth across the globe to inspire more leaders.

1.      How do you feel reaching the Final 30?
  - I feel happy and overwhelmed. Happy because all my efforts paid off and overwhelmed because not everyone is given this kind of extraordinary opportunity. And it is indeed a great honor for me to be selected in the top 30. Since this global search has begun, I have been working tirelessly to use my talents and energy to further the cause of World Merit.  I now look forward to continue using everything in me to help other people and to be the source of their inspirations to continue dreaming despite the hardships and challenges.

2.      Your lessons (in brief) so far?
-   I have learned a life-long lesson that hard work, determination and intense desire have great rewards. Moreover, interviewing people who have achieved great things has taught me that wisdom is vital to be successful and the tinge of humility in your heart is the ticket to succeed. I also am grateful to have the opportunity to come accross with brilliant youth leaders around the world who have the drive and passions to influence other people and the learnings I got from them are something I would cherish in the rest of my life.

3.      What is your vision why you wish to win Your Big Year?
- A successful career and fulfilling personal life. A state of contentment where you know your value not because of how other people make you feel about yourself but because how you make other people feel about themselves and their lives. Furthermore, the title itself will give me the opportunity to encourage millions of people around the world to set high goals and not stop until their goals are reached. So many people are discouraged because of the conditions they live in.  I will be an ambassador for hope and achievement and show to them how they can rise above their conditions and succeed in life.

4.      What is your inspiration to come this far?
- Aside from God, basically my family is the one that entirely fuels the engine of my desire to succeed in this journey. In addition, people have dreams. So do I. I grew up fully aware of the sad realities of life. That's why I strongly held on to my dreams. The difficulties I have experienced have made me persevere, they made me more eager and driven to make all these dreams happen. And now, that I'm about to reach the top, Your Big Year - Win A Life Changing Prize came to my life. It made the whole climb even more meaningful. Meaningful in the sense that one of the dreams I would like to realize will serve a genuine purpose.
5.      One message for the people who apply for next year?
-          Be consistent and be genuine. Feed the burning passion of volunteering and public service in you. Do not be afraid to take the challenges of life. Transform your good thoughts into actions. Remember, the future only belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. So dream your dreams, go where you want to go, and do what want to do for we have one life in this world.

      IU Appreciates his achievements and wishes him for the best! 

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  1. Indeed a great interview Michael..It reflects your burning passion to win this competition and what it really means to you.I wish you from the bottom of my heart all success not only in YBY but also in all your pursuits through out this life.Continue being an inspiration...:)

  2. Amazingly done my twin brother from another mother... I absolutely love the passion, drive and determination you have towards this initiative...

  3. Thank you so much Vijayakumaar and Michael for your inspiring and overwhelming words.

    I know that success will only be realized if thoughts that were formed from life's experiences will be transformed into actions. And this is exactly what I want to do. I want to use what I have learned in life as my guiding principles to tread the road to success. Life is not easy, I know that. But no matter how difficult it might be in form, we should move on and always look at the positive side of the future.

    The efforts we are doing right now to get rid from a certain difficulty will surely be paid off in the future. And I am pretty sure that i t won't be impossible for a persevering and hardworking people to put success right on the palms of his hands.

    Everything is possible. So do not be afraid to dream big because you are the only limitation of what you want to achieve in life my friend.


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