Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do not worry if your customers dont understand you, Worry if you do not understand them!

Folks, as we bring to you this season of ideas for greater business, sales & growth, we bring the first keynote point for an entrepreneur's success & that is "Understanding the customer". You need to know your market & understand your customers, clients & market.

There are times when you face situations where you realise, despite your beautiful ads, presentations & tremendous hardwork on the coming up with your products, your clients/customers are just not able to understand what you are trying to give them & why exactly. It is not the point to really worry about, Majority of the times this is the case. Like you know, what are the chemicals in your toothpaste & what is the quantity in which you need them in, like you know what is the cotton percentage in your towel to ensure a dry body, like you know what ink is made of, like you know which wood pulp is used to manufacture the paper you are writing on.. etc. You just care about the utility, aesthetics & the pricing.

Keep it simple, know the problem of your customer, address it through your product & exactly what does your customer want alongwith/besides your product. Understand the customer that he doesnt understand the sophistications of your product but understands his own needs for your product. Your presentation should be solution centric & hence you should be crystal clear in what problems of your customer you are addressing. You also need to be crystal clear about what you are selling besides being very clear why you are selling. But you neednt explain your client every sophistication of your prodcut - Just understand his issue & address it through your product & under promise over deliver, with few features that he expects but never asked from this product of yours.

This shall multiply your sales, & that is exactly what you are looking for. We understand your need. While we addressed that through this blog. We also have understood, you are true reader & love reading. So we promise to under promise over deliver, with more blogs, to help your business grow!!!

It's this simple!

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  1. I think the title of the blog itself speaks it all.. perfect article for a strong reinforcement of the fact that you got to keep simple things simple :)People will buy anything under the sun as long as they know why they need to.. so its all about telling them that! Thank u Inspiration Unlimited.. This will definitely help make a lot of corrections..


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