Saturday, January 15, 2011

It is important that you spend time towards getting "Organized!"

As an entrepreneur, the strongest pain to you can be not being organised. The result of it would be not achieving your objectives & reaching somewhere instead of THERE.

As an entrepreneur, we understand you have very specific goals & visions. But as the time goes by, one gets entangled in day-to-day affairs of business & tends to shift & drifted from the visions & goals he set off with. The pace is lost or rather sometimes not kept a track of. Under all such circumstances It is important you come to terms with yourself & realise before you lose further time, re-organise yourself & set yourself back on track.

Few tips we would give you to organise yourself would be:

1. Plan your objectives very clearly at the onset of your venture. Be very clear how much output you expect, How much input you would be giving, what manpower it requires, what are the different divisions & sections of your work, How much staff you would need for what type of work, what is the end goal, the work culture etc.

2. Stick to your objectives by verifying your present schedules, input, output etc. by tallying with that listed down previously.

3. It is important that you list down your daily investment of time, money or in sum total resources into departments. Which you provide you with statistics for comparision with the standard that you had set while setting your objectives.

4. There are times when a number of tasks urgent but unimportant tasks might take your time, refill that time slot with extra miles, or keep a buffere while planning itself.

5. There are high chances that you might be having to just delay few tasks without taking much notice, to a time, when you would be more equipped to handle, the same time can be used now, to achieve present objectives.

The thumbrule is - Keeping standard look-up tables to compare your performance at regular intervals (in all dimensions - timing, task, accomplishment, to-do lists etc) is the key to success.It is the best way in getting yourself organised & hence the key to success!

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  1. Masterpiece! Everyone knows the importance of being organised but very few know how to.. this is just too perfect.. to the point, brief, very helpful tips in a well organised format.. perfect articulation!!!


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