Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thank you for being a part of my life, MY FRIEND!

By Kripa Sidgel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

I can never understand the reason of friends being apart and acting like they never knew each other at all; I can never understand the complexity risen after reaching quite a distance;
I can never understand the reason of ending with nothing after having been together for so long!
I can never, never understand the reasons...

How can frens be drifted away? How can a simple reason be the reason to end all that they once shared? I can never figure out the reasons behind the distances that crop up and the emptiness it causes in them, making them the memories they once together lived.

It's 1.00AM now and I truly cannot stop myself from drifting away into the pleasant memories of all those who ever touched my life even once. There is breeze outside and it's chilling inside tonight as I lie down, in those memories. Even Google doesn't reason out this phenomena, of how friends forget each other as time goes by.

I know, Time changes, so do we; Life changes, so do people around us. But is it fair to erase all those memories of when we were together? Is it good to forge our life in new situation so much that we do not get enough time to think about the past and about the people whom we were together with?

I wonder.....
Is it time that separates friends? Or is it our mental blocks that don't let us look back?
Is it the rising changes of life that drift us away? Or Is it others who take our place in the heart of our friends? What is it truth?

This topic will always be an enigma, atleast to me! I realize that at times, things happen, which dont have reasons or justifications. They are just meant to be. The roles of the two must have finished in the lives of each other.

Before I close this, I would love to say, I remember all my friends, all the people I met for smallest of the reasons. But I do remember everyone; Something that cant be proved & i dont want to take a chance either. My life would not be same without you all. I am very grateful and thankful to all for being "A Part of my life". Though we may not talk often,or the paths of our lives may never cross again. But, I will always miss u...

To all those people who are a part of my life today or were someday, for any and every reason:
* Thank you for all the time i did mistakes but didnt have to say sorry.
* Thank you for the smile I get when I think of days with you all!
* Thank you for all the memories, and the brilliant childhood we once shared together.

"Thank you for being a part of my life, MY FRIEND!"

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  1. Hey kripa,whatever you have written is faced by everyone and i mean everyone and the reasons you have stated in the line after i wonder they are absolutely true and i have faced all the reasons at some point in my life and we need to remember that it is not always the other side that is responsible...we need to see inside ourselves unknowingly we may have done something that might have caused the drift right...but yes at the end life moves on so do we...and the only thing that is left is saying thank you...miss you..


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