Tuesday, January 3, 2012


By Shreeya Dhapola, Nagpur.

What is LIFE ?
Can anyone answer this ? Hmm that's really a tough question to answer. We "humans" the most intelligent species in this universe we haven't yet found the exact answer to this question.Yes there are certain theories explaining the existence of universe like "THE BIG BANG THEORY" but yet there is no perfect answer to this question.

LIFE is indeed a subject of research for many scientists. You know what? even i also wanted to be a scientist when i was a kid but as you know life is unpredictable with so many twists and turns so ultimately I landed up in doing engineering. By the way, Engineering is not bad because you learn many things and Engineers are the one who build a nation.

Coming back to our topic, yes LIFE is unpredictable, we can't predict what our future is, even I also can't predict whether I'll be alive or not before finishing up writing this but still i am writing and that is what life all about.LIFE is the hardest school as you don't know in what level of class you are,what exam you'll have next and you can't even copy because nobody else will have the same question paper as yours.

For us LIFE is a like a "received call" and we have to make maximum use of it. Every minute is a gift that's why it is called "present" and we can't neither live in "past" nor in "future" we have to live in "present" forgetting our past to make our future.

We humans have a tendency that we always blame god for anything bad. We always think about what somebody will think when we will do something and that's why we end up in doing nothing. We always expect too much from people close to us and when they are not able to stand up to our expectations we just feel like "rejected person", a "nobody".

I admit that every single person in this world is "self centered" and it's the radius that only differs from person to person.

LIFE is from B to D that is from BIRTH to DEATH and it's C that is in between B and D and this C refers to CHOICES. So we have to make right choices to live well.

Sometimes we can never have what we like and we never like what we have. Still we live and hope that someday we will get what we like or like what we have and that is LIFE.

LIFE flows like a river with unexpected turns. May be good, may be bad so we should learn to enjoy each turn because these turns will never return. We all are in this world to do something, in my opinion god has assigned certain tasks to us and we have to complete them. We should do something good in our life, something to make our life worth so that we are remembered even after our death.

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