Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stop THINKING, Start DOING! Get out of your comfort zone! Make it HAPPEN!

Article by Sujit Lalwani, Founder, IU Group.

A million times procrastination eats us up, do we eat it up a few times in return. Once you decide to eat up procrastination feeling each time it comes, you realize you are over-eating. Should you decide to continue to turn obese. It's the best thing that could happen. It's good to get obese eating up your procrastination feeling. Become a doer not a thinker and a planner alone. It's important to think and plan, but most important to do as doing gets you into the mode of executing your plan.

Most of us feel lethargic or bound by things we don't know or confronted by obstacles we fear we can't clear to reach our goals. But if goal is what is in our eyes and we are determined to reach there, we might hit a few obstacles on the way, we might jerk and fall but eventually making it there would feel heavenly and divine, defining the purpose of our existence. It would make us feel ecstatic and give us the thrill nothing ever gave, the pain of the journey would seem too trivial in front of the joy of having made it.

Majority of the times, what we fear is but a small of peck of dust in front of the abilities we have not explored that lie inside us. Faith is the only thing we can count on, besides counting on the fact that we have nothing to lose in this life, if we fail our attempts. But not moving ahead with attempts means a loss of attitude - the loss of winning attitude! We can't afford this one. Hence, JUST GO ALL OUT!

IF you are thinking of an idea and feel it's difficult to materialize it, start believing in it's happening, in it's execution at it's best, you will soon see one by one, right people, right resources, right energies coming together to make your idea the super hit that you desire it to be. It's time to MOVE OUT of your comfort zone and make your LIFE the path rest would want to follow! The generations would thank god for having brought you to planet earth for having made a remarkable presence while you lived.

Become HUMAN DOINGs - Don't just remain HUMAN BEINGS!

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