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College Students Turn Ardent Bloggers!!!

Contributed by Akshay Naik & Nandeesh Kamath.

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This is Akshay Naik & Nandeesh Kamath who are here to share a short story on how we started two blogs in a span of two weeks which earned some awesome response & made us get 1000 views in just 15 days!!!

First of all we would like to tell you how we got inspired to start our own blogs.It was a day to remember,a small inspirational program with a big gathering was arranged in our hometown Kundapur(Karnataka,India) which was addressed by a solid set of speakers including a powerful,inspirational man whom people would love to hear again & again.He was MR.Sujit Lalwani.

On that day we got our passes booked and were set to go for the event.As we are college students & it was a sunday we didn't want to waste it & wanted to make full use of the day.We entered the hall, it was a packed gathering with a positive atmosphere and then the program started.We started listening to the speakers in an interesting manner & it developed a sense of positiveness in us.

Two sessions were over & we started enjoying the program.And then came the third session which was on internet awareness & how effectively you can use internet as a tool today.The program was presided by MR.V Gautham Navada who started to tell us about the best use of internet and at that point of time came the concept of blogging! before that we knew nothing about blogging and by listening to him we somewhat got an idea about it but still we lacked the courage to start our own blog at that time.The morning session was over & then started the afternoon session and it was presided by MR.Sujit sir.We were very much excited on that because we had earlier once got an opportunity to listen to him.He presided over the stage in style & started his talk.

It was so memorable & inspirational that we forgot everything for the next 3 hours and were just pumped up by his inspirational words.It was so effective that, the last when we saw our watch it was reading 2:30 & the next time when we saw our watch it read 5:30. We truly got inspired by his words & the courage which we lacked to start our own blog was all brought back by this man! on that evening we both went to a cyber center and started our very first blog-

Our main aim was to entertain people by providing latest stuffs based on entertainment.It was started on January 15 and we started posting in it.Initially we got a decent response & we were pretty much satisfied with its progress.As we are students it was a very much difficult task for us to post during daytime and the final exams coming near,our parents wanted us to leave all the extra co-curricular and wanted us to only focus on studies.As our blog was new we wanted to post regularly but we were running short of time.Then one thing came in our mind was "it is difficulties which yields success in life,if you don't have way to success then construct your own".

Then the way which we constructed for our blog's success was utilizing the time of our sleep & we started blogging and updating our blog at midnight.It was so tough for us that we hardly slept 3 hours a day.Even though following this method success was not achieved.But we were not disheartened.We kept it going ,simultaneously read for exams and made best use of social media.And then we got an extraordinary response & in a week we started our second blog and even worked hard on it to make it successful.Now we are at a commanding position, working very much hard to make it successful in future.Guys one thing always to remember is never let yourself down no matter the things are not working in your favor but just keep on trying because trying is the key which opens the door to success.

"Student power is the best power" is our belief & we want all the students to contribute to the world in one or the other way.We hope that all you guys,especially students, must have somewhat got motivated by reading our story,till then be motivated & try to motivate others!!!

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