Friday, December 31, 2010

Readers are Leaders, Leaders are Readers!

This is age old adage of high significance, which every entrepreneur narrates to all his disciples & followers. It is indeed the most important activity to rejuvenate your thought process, re-align yourself each & everytime to your dreams, & focus line, re-inforce your original visions, dreams & attitudes, instill new attitudes by repeated reading.

Different writers have different perceptions & different ways of serving the same content, like different restaurants have different ways of serving the same pudding. Different people like different ambiences, they adore different attires, different color combinations, the same purpose of filling the stomach & satisfying the tongue is served in different way by different cuisines.

Hence we invite our readers to resolute with us, as we take this resolution that our team shall read a lot, to lead you a lot. We expect you to read a lot as well, so that you lead a lot.

The output that comes out of a human mind, is definitely dependent on the inputs given to it. What you hear, read, listen, watch or be a part of, are extremely crucial in shaping your thoughts. Since one of these five happens to be reading & a lof of material on diverse topics is available and the sense to pick it up is eyes, though watching is definitely strongly impactive, i still recommend reading. Reading gives space to thoughts &  imaginations to which you attach the pictures from your mind, you push your imagination to limits to comprehend, what is written.

This helps your observation & inference power get fine tuned, involves lots of decision making in terms of concluding the right thing about what is written, analysing what is written in all dimensions, giving strength to your lateral thinking abilities.

Anyways, resuming from the supreme depths of what all reading can do, & summarising in a statement, we would say: "Readers are Leaders, Leaders are Readers!".

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