Friday, April 12, 2013

AGE is NO BARRIER to YOUR Dreams!!! Mr, Marcelo Vieira, Founder of the next BIG thing from Brazil - - shares his message for the Youth with IU!

Contributed by Marcelo Vieira from Brazil, Founder of

Olá pessoal! Hello everyone! =)

This is Marcelo from Brazil. I was invited from my dear friend Sujit Lalwani to share a message for growing entrepreneurs who follow IU Blog in India and around the World. Just loved this opportunity, since I’m a young entrepreneur who is raising a business that aims to develop entrepreneurial skills among brazilian undergraduate students. As part of my job, I give speeches and host workshops in the top Universities of the country. I’m also fine tuning a platform that will be launched on April, 15th with the purpose of providing knowledge, tools, networking and challenges to the youth.

The key message I share with my audience is that entrepreneurship is not only about setting up businesses. It’s more about having the attitude to: make things happen, positively impact people and accomplish remarkable achievements. It’s possible to demonstrate this attitude as a businessman, entrepreneur, volunteer, researcher, sports person, artist, or in any other career path one chooses. In addition, there is no right age to start developing these three entrepreneurial skills. The earlier the better. How about starting to practice it right now?

Our generation, known as the Millennials, is the first one with a concrete opportunity work with what we love the most. Please, do not throw this away. There is a very simple tool I share in my speeches that helps people think about their biggest dreams and ambitions. Take a piece of paper and pen, and move yourself to a place where you can be alone for a moment. Imagine you are 30 years ahead. Write how you feel about it, who is by your side, what you have reached, what stories you’re proud of telling to people. Make it seems real. Now return to the present, and think for a while about which actions you should be taking right now in order to make your desired future come true. And go for it!

Cheers from Brazil!
Marcelo Vieira -

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