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Passion & Purpose: The most difficult things to understand - simplified by Akshatha Bala(a Life Coach from Dubai).

Contributed by Akshatha Bala, Life Coach from Dubai.

If you catch yourself, every so often, saying, “this is not what I want to do in life”, “why does the sun have to rise?”, “when will the weekend be here?”, “I know I am made for something else”, then read on…..

Consider life to be a big jigsaw puzzle. Right now if you don’t understand and find this puzzle interesting, it’s because the two most important pieces are missing. When these fall into place the rest will automatically begin making sense.

Both these pieces can be named with words that you’ve heard before and you know what they mean. Don’t get guessing! I’ll tell you what they are. Ever heard of the word PASSION. Well, now that you know it is passion, you can’t just waltz into your day with it from tomorrow. For passion to fall into place, it has a prerequisite.

That’s when we come to the other important piece/word – PURPOSE. If you don’t know your purpose, what are you going to be passionate about? If you don’t have the chicken where will the egg come from! Passion will get ignited in you only when there’s purpose.

Having read till here I know what’s next on your mind. How does one know their purpose? To do that it takes a whole new journey – a journey within you. To set foot on this, you have two raw materials – YOU and your desire to find your purpose.

This first thing to do is to simply go quiet, and go within. In a few days, weeks, months, as you get accustomed to going within, add an intention – your intention to find your purpose – as you go within you.  And one day it will dawn upon you! You’ll see, hear and or feel your purpose.

Alright! Alright! It may not be as easy and can be highly time consuming! Weeks, months… may be years!  Yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t usually happen overnight.  How do I know that? I have been there once upon a time! Much like you!

So now what? Of course, there’s a way out. You need to find a catalyst. Approach those people who have done it – those who have found their purpose, who are living their dreams already. Those people who have the knowledge about journeying within, of meditating, professionals into training/programming the mind, life coaches. They can become the catalyst that can catapult you into your life’s purpose. Ever heard of ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE?

 All I can say is that when you don’t find your purpose, life seems like a load, a burden, a yoke that you carry like a bull that ploughs the land. With your purpose found you’ll fly high into the sky, and radiate the brilliance within, your passion will shine.

From there on, you’ll be high on life! You’ll also rub it onto those who come in your path. You’ll catch yourself jumping out of your bed early and waiting for the new rays of a new sun to kiss the horizon, every day! PURPOSE AND PASSION can do this to you like no other.

Trigger it! NOW! Live YOUR life! 

About the author:

Akshatha Balachandra is a passionate coach, who has found her life’s purpose and loves coaching people find theirs. A post. Grad. in Psychology, Master Practitioner of NLP(USA), Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, trained in Karuna Reiki and Psychic Surgery. An avid reader and a speaker.

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