Sunday, April 14, 2013

"How Newton Could Have Been Today's Steve Jobs!" shares an IIT Roorkee - MSc Physics Student

Contributed by Indradeep Bannerjee, MSc Physics from IIT Roorkee

Entrepreneurship is a term doing the round these days, a term imported from Silicon Valley of The Great Americas to our own very own backyard of Bangalore.

It all started with the Big Bang, the IT boom. At t= 0 sec with the launch of commercial computers a huge number of particles (start-up possibilities) were created from the singularity that gave birth to the start-up spectrum of today.

But all of those start-ups start with that most resilient parasite called “What an idea sirji!”  or “Dimaag ki batti jalade”(In Hindi: It translates to "Activates your brain"). No one realizes there is not much distinction between this idea and the Higgs Boson, that almost realistic (we are still 99.7 % sure it exists) particle that gives everything mass, the idea of making product line a customer fetish by Apple. Well without that idea your venture won’t have the mass to gather momentum.

Next comes the organizational structure. Every start-up has a nucleus of inner coterie of staff made up of males and females, the protons and the neutrons, well guys are usually quite charged up seeing Man U and Barcelona so lets consider them as protons and the gals the neutrons, they are more stable, hence greater mass. The guys usually repel each other (no offence to the gay crowd) by the Columbic force of repulsion, yet when time comes to deliver within the deadline, they show cooperation and the attractive nuclear force kicks in. The Guys and Gals are also quite attracted to each other, and this attraction is stronger than the deadline issues, just like a bond between a proton and neutron is stronger than a proton and a proton or a neutron and a neutron. Apart from this there are always the temporary guys the electrons there to do the menial run of the mill work. They are mostly exchanged with other similar start-ups when remuneration, energy is not enough or plenty.

When a company enters a market it has to compete with other market forces and similar companies giving rise to the chaos theory and the most favorable company always scrapes through, Amazon for example. Sometimes the companies which are quite successful gather enough mass to themselves and become black holes and curve the space time around them so much that all heavenly bodies and light fall victim to their never ending desire of growing, much like a market leader that acquires all the smaller companies in the domain, like Microsoft and GOOGLE.

Lastly when the black hole cannot take up any more mass and a company becomes a white elephant, like Lehman Brothers it crashes and throws out all its constituents, we call it a filing for bankruptcy in industrial terms.

So generally speaking its Physics everywhere...

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