Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inspiration Drives Innovation!

Man has been the most creative animal amongst the fraternity. If there had to be only one word to describe the human nature and the way it moves forward We would put a million dollars at stake on the word - "Innovation" or "Change" and still be sure, We would have all odds in the gamble in our favour.

Innovation is the root for all progress, Change is the key to growth. Its change that drives mass with greater momentum until it finally subsides and reaches an equilibrium. Further change takes it to higher momentum.

We the IU team, Suggest entrepreneurs to be Change experts, Before the momentum can subside itself, introduce changes. Change can be in the product, in the company environment, work culture, symbol, color combination, marketing strategy, product line, celebrations, new offices, new markets that you open , changes in your website, new blogs, new clients etc. But CHANGE.

Each change will bring in a definite amount of momentum. At one point your business idea will capture a speed which you always wanted to see and go beyond the clutches of gravity into the space. Then if minimum things are assured, right risk calculations are done, system is followed company shall glide through the progress.

But today its a competitive world, the earlier paragraph holds true for very giant corporations if just being there is their concern, but in case you strive to be the best (which should be your motto of life) then CHANGE is must even then.

But Innovation & Change are something that are a direct result of an individual's creative mind, which are a direct result of upsurge of adrenaline rush which he gets due to the inspiration he derives from his dreams, or accomplishments that he wants to make. The root lies in inspiration, SEEK IT and YOU SHALL BLOOM!

We advise you - to take inspiration from everything you see around you, right from a small child playing to a BIG high rise building around you. Remember a walk-in restaurant inspired the Mega chain of Mc Donalds. We are loving it. They are CHANGING it!

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