Thursday, October 14, 2010

Which industry made them Billionaires? Does'nt matter!

One of the best videos showcasing snippets about the top billionaires. Quite an old one, but still interesting though. Its interesting to note that place, extent of education, industry they entered, their looks, caste, creed, religion etc. none mattered for their growth to enter the elite club around the world.

Its the desire, the dream, the passion they showcased for their products & business and the care for their people that counted. You need to dream and chase it until you turn it into reality and involve a huge mass of people who should touch the success they imagine in their life. World is but a place to make things happen.

Billionaires are not from another planet, they do not have god gifts. They are people who dream and dare to chase it! You can be the next one!

During your journey family can go against you sometimes, friends may get wary about your reliability levels, spouse can get into altercations with you but you have to be sturdy, strong and determined about making it there. Because even when you are one-tenth there, all those bad things end!

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