Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inspirational Quotes: Best One liners you can find on the Internet.

  • The Challenge in life is to win the war, there might be a few battles that we may lose.
  • When I walked alone, People laughed at me, Today When I am flying alone, they are jealous of me. 
  • Most of the successful people are those who gave their blood in lieu for their destinations & dreams.
  • Determination can change directions towards the desired destinations.
  • When I look back in my life, I would love to see glory and a mind blowing story.
  • There are few dreams, that man cannot accomplish and they are not a part of his syllabus.
  • Where there is not failure there is nothing called as achievement for sure.
  • People who fought for a purpose built castles in reality, those who fought for building castles died without discovering their purpose in life.
  • Time teaches the mightiest lesson : "Walk in one direction endlessly". All shall HEAL by itself!
  • When there are hurdles in life, thats when we learn to jump, until then we are just running.
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