Thursday, October 14, 2010

Success strikes, Where failure has struck!

Each of us strive to become successful. But the fact is none of us can avoid failures. But, all of us can definitely avoid remaining failures. You become a failure the moment you accept it as the final outcome of the activity you are performing. Its like a game, the initial set of outcomes shall always carry a mojority of failures, and only then success shall follow. So your job is to happily embrace failure and ask for the next outcome and next and next until the desired success touches your feet.

But it happens that you touch one destination in your life, you rejoice and you immediately set your next milestones. So does it mean you have overcome all possible failures now. No, definitely not. Your new set of failures for helping your new level of success to reach you, will start meeting you.

So, lets understand that there is nothing called as failure, its just a learning experience and the required tool to achieve the desired success that you need to achieve. Desiring too much is not bad, but realise that should be accompanied with equal amount of patience and efforts to be input in gathering all the failures that will come before the actual success gets realised.

Hence always step up step by step. People say, one who tries to take a leap falls down, but one takes it step by step makes it really big. It simply reflects the capacity of handling failures. This capacity also increases as you keep growing in your life. And hence, a time arrives where you do start taking leaps without actually having to fall or perish, owing to the fact that the ability to embracing failures becomes high and without a sigh you invite the next one, then the next one until success strikes you.

Hence remember Success strikes, where failure has struck!

95% of the start-ups fail! Now according to the above write up it is evident, that people behind those start-ups fail to run through the patience it requires to see the extent of growth they desire to see. After some time they tend to sit down with a belief, it would never happen for them, or get content with however their businesses & life is doing!


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