Thursday, October 14, 2010

WISDOMOPAEDIA! - Do & Be Seen Doing!

Things do not pass for what they are but for what they seem to be!

To be of use and to know how to show it, is to be twice as useful. What is not seen is as if it was not existing. Even the right does not recieve the deserved consideration if it does not seem right. The observant are far fewer in number who can actually delve deep into their observation, all others are decieved by appearances.

So if you can show right and display what needs to be seen, only and only then you shall attract the highest client base. Things are judged by their packaging or jackets. A good exterior is the best recommendation and indication of the inner perfection.

If you cant be perfect atleast be perfect in showing that you are perfect. Nobody is perfect. They are able to show it. He who is more perfect at showing and keeping upto it, is going to take the larger share of the market. Entrepreneurs - it's not just enough if your idea is all powerful and you are sure it will make big profits, you have to be able to show it and showcase it in a way that it clearly reflects itself as the next big thing. Majority of them go by the first look.

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