Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pearls of LIfe!

Some principles most of the successful people understood, followed and hence they preach. Look into any successful individual's life, you will see that they believed and followed these. Be it Bill Gates, Ambanis, Warren Buffet, Lakshmi Mittal, Larry page, Mark Zuckerberg or any one else for that matter in that shelf of stars. Here are the pearls of their life, which ornament their life story!

  • Life never gets easy. It's meant to be challenging, tough and war-like all the time, Get accustomed.
  • Everybody will never be satisfied with you, during your journey to success. If they are, then you surely are on the wrong track.
  • It's not where you are right alone counts. What counts more is where you have gone wrong.
  • World values results not just promises and commitments.
  • If you have heard - It's lonely at the top. It's lonely everywhere. It's a myth that two people live one life. Everyone has to live their own. Just that you dont find too many people sharing the same bracket or same state of life, at the top and hence it's quite evidently lonely.
  • Sleep is the break you give yourself from your work inevitably, why ask for more? Just go all out towards your dreams.
  • Hard-work is the shortest route to success.
  • If you are not focussed on details chances are high you are getting somewhere, not THERE!
  • People are not difficult, they are just different. Learn to accept them as they are, and they will start working the way you want them to.
  • Success is never going to come in search of you. You have to chase it, until you find it! Give up anywhere and you are doomed. Sometimes you may not even find it. But having traversed the path itself is christened as success.
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